Timpson: The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe

Timpson: The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe

I’m a sucker for a bit of silliness, and reading the marketing bumph for Timpson: The Musical will no doubt prove that Gigglemug Theatre are up for giving you just that! After five minutes watching it’s clear that they not only give it but champion it in this bonkers show that will have you begging for more and laughing merrily into the next day at the Fringe.

Two warring houses. One ancient grudge. A whole lot of shoes. Can the warring houses of Montashoe and Keypulet be united by a pair of star-crossed lovers? Journey to Victorian London where Monty Montashoe and Keeleigh Keypulet, two young inventors bursting with ambition, strive to break free from their boring lives and follow their dreams!

Talking pictures, tiny saws (keys, of course), screaming guitar players, one hyperventilating audience member and hell of a lot of fourth wall breaking. This is the classic Romeo and Juliet story like you’ve never seen it before. Writers Sam Cochrane and Chris Baker have created some strange kind of masterpiece here. Two obviously talented actors with incredibly funny bones, they are thoroughly aware of their art and underneath the nonsense there’s sound theatre craft and a deep knowledge of comedic effect through performance. The musical itself is pure mayhem but you have to be clever to make mayhem work, and not only work but be hysterically funny.


There’s musical value too, with witty lyrics and nice tunes from Theo Caplan and Tom Slade, although some could be more catchy. A personal favourite, Tingle, is excellently performed conveying the feelings of first love, or more likely first lust. Sadly some technical issues with microphones left me wondering how many more jokes were missed, but to me this merely opened up the idea for a return trip with the hope that this production has further life beyond the Fringe.

Rob Madge (Monty Monstashoe) is a standout performer in this piece, with a great voice and even greater comic awareness of his character. Sam Cochrane and Chris Baker are truly hilarious in their bit parts with their acting ability matching that of their writing.

A show that unashamedly pokes fun at itself – energetic, quirky and downright daft. This is the must-see comedy musical of the festival brought to life by a talented to team at Gigglemug Theatre.


Timpson: the Musical is at C venues – C – +3 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe until 27 August. Tickets available online.

My Edinburgh trip was supported by the Network of Independent Critics! Find out more about their work here.

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