The Worst Little Warehouse in London at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Worst Little Warehouse in London at the Edinburgh Fringe

When 12 people live under the same roof in a converted warehouse in North London, what could possibly go wrong? In this funny and off the wall cabaret, Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith are two wide eyed koalas fresh off the boat, looking for the perfect place to call home. Over 60 minutes, relive their year living at Daisy Mill as they discover high ceilings, bathroom baskets and very thin bedroom walls.

If you’ve ever lived with strangers then you will know the subtle joys and aggravating yet endearing quirks that come along with moving in with a bunch of new personalities. Here’s a show that packages up these highs and lows into comedy and eccentricity!

On the surface this two person cabaret may seem a bit niche – I know no-one who has lived in a warehouse and there are stagey references to boot! But within minutes you know this is a show that anyone can enjoy.


You are quickly introduced to a whole host of characters, all played by the energetic pairing of LaLa Barlow and Robbie Smith. You come to love and loathe them thanks to the pair’s outside the box portrayals (a particular favourite has to be the cat-like Florian). It’s set to a soundtrack of parody theatrical tunes, expertly played between the two on a keyboard featuring some superb key-sharing skills. Anyone who can create a toilet-related satire of Chicago’s We Both Reached for the Gun deserves endless praise in my opinion!

At times the pair could be a bit more aware of the audience – with a pacy cabaret some plot references deliberately shown to the audience can be lost at the wrong angle – but this hardly detracts from the quick-witted hilarity of the show. The Worst Little Warehouse in London is incredibly creative and refreshing, excellently brought to life by Lala and Robbie in a personal piece that can bring joy to the stagey masses.


The Worst Little Warehouse in London is at Assembly George Square (The Box) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until 26 August. Tickets available online.

My Edinburgh trip was supported by the Network of Independent Critics! Find out more about their work here.

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