My week in theatre: 27th July to 2nd August 2015

Well it has been a particularly busy week in theatreland for me! As I’m leaving my job next week I’ve been trying to use up my last few days of annual leave so I booked off Wednesday and Thursday purely for theatrical fun, yay!

But first I had a rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar on Tuesday. For those of you that don’t know I am hugely involved with my local amateur dramatics society, Bromley Players. I’m on the committee handling publicity and JCS is our next show (I’m an apostle’s wife/dancer). We worked on the opening numbers this week and I discovered who my apostle husband was as we all got paired up at last. Needless to say my apostle was the tallest of them all! I also ordered my show hoody which I will of course be living in as I shamelessly promote the show for the next few months. You’ve bought tickets for it already right?

On Wednesday I had a much needed lie in then headed up to London ready for Seat Plan’squiz extravaganza/Rebecca Felgate’s leaving do (sob). But before that I decided to sneak in a cheeky matinee performance so headed over to the TKTs booth in Leicester Square. If you don’t know about this wonderful place, well, where have you been?! They sell discount tickets on the day and sometimes they are half price – amazing! You can also use your theatre vouchers. I managed to get a ticket for Memphis for £33.50 THREE ROWS FROM THE FRONT! With my theatre vouchers I paid £3.50. Bargain!

I don’t mind seeing a matinee of Memphis. The alternate Huey and Felicia are just as good so if you want to go but are worried about missing the stars, don’t be! Jon Robyns is fabulous – he’s one of my favourites and the role of Huey really suits him. Rachel John is also amazing, her voice is stunning. I had a great afternoon at the Shaftesbury Theatre and racked up a few more awards for my Seat Plan account, win win!

Next a quick trip to the Theatre Café, including a really tasty chocolate cookie. I also found a signed poster from Jesus Christ Superstar in there which is very topical for me at the moment!

Next on to the Mulberry Bush pub in Waterloo for an evening with the lovely#LDNTheatreBloggers. I’m going to do a full separate blog post on this but it was a great evening involving my team winning a lot of prosecco!

On Thursday I managed to get a surprise last minute ticket to Miss Saigon! My best friend Ricky had a spare and asked me (he’s a babe like that). I was delighted to see Carolyn Maitland as Ellen. She’s covering for a bit while Siobhan Dillon has an operation – get well soon! I loved Carolyn in From Here to Eternity and she certainly smashed it again in Saigon. For the first time I had lots of understudies in the show but they were brilliant. Miss Saigon is my current favourite and I still cried at the end, obviously!

I had a much quieter weekend, tidying up a few things for my blog and working on my new website. Big thanks to anyone who recommended/gave WordPress tips this week. I’m getting there! I hope I can launch my new site this month but we’ll see how it goes.

This week looks like another corker! I’m off to Tommy on Wednesday and have a radio interview planned on Sunday. I used to present on my student station and I miss the airwaves. I’ll give you some more info this week and maybe you’ll fancy tuning in, maybe not haha! I’m also starting a new #MusicalMondays interactive blog post so get involved if you can! Follow my Twitter for updates.

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